Mother's Day Gift Ideas

The Lovesphere Sound Necklace designed to celebrate the spirit of love.

The Heart-to-Heart Qliq! with the intertwined hearts symbolize the unconditional love between mother and child. It comes with a HANDCRAFTED 9-carat gold plated 925 Sterling Silver double heart jeweled piece mounted with cubic zirconia stones. It's simply the perfect gift this Mother's Day!

For those opting for a stylized look, the Emmesphere Crystaline and Filigree collections gives you a range of Swarovski crystals and enamel floral pattern to choose from. You will surely find something matching mom's style!

Pick one of these unique jewelry gifts below this Mother’s Day, and receive a Qliq! Pin (yet another way to style your up wardrobe) FREE. (Don't forget to add your favorite Qliq! Pin into shopping bag, discount will be applied automatically at checkout. Offer valid from 23rd April to 12th May 2019.)